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Core Services

Innovative Construction has the capability to provide our customers with virtually any service needed to support the deployment, refurbishment and maintenance of all types of pipeline, compression and process projects. The growth of our company’s reputation has resulted in increased opportunities in size and revenue, as well as clients asking for more. Our opportunities range from roustabout crews to pipeline, compression and process projects.


From the smallest local projects to national system deployments, we assist our customers in meeting their needs and providing results. We combine the resources and experience with the pricing and customer attention. As a result, we provide “Quality” services for on-time and on-budget projects.


Our large inventory of construction equipment and tools are capable of supporting all types of requirements in a multitude of environments and climates. This large inventory ensures timely availability to our construction forces to support the following requirements:



  • Pipeline Construction

  • Compressor Stations

  • Process Plant Construction

  • Hot Taps and Line Stops

  • Distribution

  • Civil Construction



  • Pipeline

  • Launchers and Receivers

  • Meter Skids

  • Design

  • Material Procurement

  • In Service Welding


Roustabout & Maintenance Services

  • Mine, Power Plant and Pipeline Facilities

  • Tank Battery Construction

  • Oil & Gas Well Maintenance


Commitment! Maintain a Safe Work Environment!

Innovative Construction maintains very strict policies when it comes to safety. Our goal is to make sure that all workers return home safe and injury free at the end of each and every day!

Leadership Commitment! We Lead from the front, not push from behind

Innovative Construction invests heavily in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) because we believe accidents are preventable. Our safety culture starts from management down, with every employee involved in every aspect of ways to provide the safest work environment possible.

Training Commitment! Key to Success

Innovative Construction believes that training in the EHS area is key to success.  All employees participate in weekly training (26 hours annually) conducted by their supervisor/leader with added daily safety meetings. We continually evaluate and upgrade our training to stay ahead of the desires of our customers and our own goal to develop a highly professional workforce.

Health and Safety Environment commitment!

The dedicated EHS Department consults and assists leaders at all levels. They conduct field/departmental compliance audits, develop and conduct training and evaluate EHS success at each level. Our safety team investigates incidents and monitors compliance with Innovative Construction's policies, including substance abuse.

Results! Path to Success

Innovative Construction assigns safety responsibilities to every manager in every office. The safety manager monitors compliance with the safety manual, processes and training. Full compliance is required for all subcontractors and strictly monitored. The Innovative Construction Safety Program has been written in compliance with federal, state and local requirements such as OSHA, DOT and EPA standards. It provides initial Safety and orientation training reinforced with daily and weekly safety instruction and inspection. We meet or exceed recommended experience modification rates with many companies.

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